Nato straps are not only extremely comfortably on the wrist, but are also incredibly easy to remove and reinstall. All Coen Anders straps are designed to be interchangeable so that you can adapt your timepiece to fit every occasion. Find out how to change your Nato strap in just a few simple steps!




  • You will need the tool you received with your watch in order to change the straps. It can be found in the envelope, together with your warranty card. Alternatively, you may also use the SIM card ejector pin for your mobile phone.
  • Find a flat surface to work on. Lay down a watch polishing cloth or towel to protect the watch and keep things from rolling away.
  • Always work from the backside of your watch. That way, if you accidentally slip with your tool or spring bar and scratch the watch, it won’t be visible.
  • Don’t rush – patience is key!


From Nato to Nato




Pull the strap out through the floating keeper and the two spring bars.



Starting from the 12 o’clock end, pull the longer part of the Nato strap through the two spring bars, then through the floating keeper at the end of the shorter Nato strap. Pull the strap all the way through until it straightens.


From Nato to Leather





Pull the strap out through the floating keeper and the two spring bars.






Put the tool through the lug pinhole and press against the spring bar. Once the spring bar is released, remove it and set aside. Repeat on the other spring bar.





Slide the spring bars into the loops of the new leather straps.



Hold the dial firmly and insert one end of the spring bar into a lug pinhole first.




Once the first end of the spring bar is secure, use the tool to carefully compress the other end of the bar so you can slide it into the other pinhole. The spring bar should click into place. Repeat on the other strap.